Typical families have their own challenges of complex family structures based on culture, religion and exposure. With Blended Families, however, these complexities are more intense as the dynamism changes a bit and there are more interpersonal relationships to harmonise seamlessly before and after the blend. The best solutions often lie within, yet the chaos and expectations may be quite intense and loud that you barely have enough time to process and figure the roadmap that works for you. This is what Adeola shares during these group meetings. Having worked this journey herself, she knows how lonesome it can be and how difficult it can be to have that safe space to share, learn, process and identify what truly works for you on this journey to bliss. This is why you need to be a part of the A.L.L Support group for blended families: having that safe space to share, to breathe, to learn and to figure your own unique path that leads to Air, Love and Light.

Our first meeting holds this Saturday on the 27th of November by 7:00 pm (WAT) and we look forward to meeting you and sharing your journey with you as we share our Air.Light.Love. We will sit, You will speak, We will Ignite and You will shine.

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