26 May

Four huge challenges blended families face

Blended families are beautiful, no doubt especially when all parties play their respective parts.
However one thing that can’t be avoided is conflict and in the case of blended families, these challenges are unique. Problems that come up in a blended family might not be known until the family is formed. Knowing these issues beforehand can help you curb situations or even help you avoid the problems altogether. In this article, we’ve outlined four of the biggest problems blended families face and the possible solutions.

1.Sibling Rivalry
Even in normal families, there’s sibling rivalry. It can be more bitter between non-biological siblings.
One thing to expect with this problem is frequent fighting.

Solution: Praise each child for their strengths and what they do well at all times and do not make the mistake of comparing the kids to each other.

2.Legal Disputes
When two families come together to become one, legal issues could have come up when the original families separated.
After a divorce, one partner might get the family house, but when a new spouse comes into the picture, the legal agreements related to the house may need to be changed. This means you’d be spending more money.

Solution: For this, you will need to plan your expenses properly before starting the new family, knowing who gets what, how often and when. Meet a lawyer with your new spouse to help you with an estimate or budget and draw up a plan for both homes so your partner is also involved and knows what she is getting into. Remember to keep the kids out of legal disputes.

3.Financial Disputes
Blending a family means more members and definitely more costs to support the family. Funds might be hard to come by because of Legal fees(see 2 above).

Solution: To help your family stay financially secure, you can seek advice from friends, family, financial adviser or even join a stepmom community to get all the support you need for this could become very stressful and can strain the marriage.

4.Weak Family Bonds
When two families come together, it might be hard to form a closeness at the beginning. This happens especially when children are older since members have not been able to grow together or develop close emotional relationships.

Solution: One way to work towards creating a strong bond is to all go for a pre-blended family counseling before moving in together. Here everyone’s emotions are put on the table and alignment is formed. You will also create new visions, mission, values and traditions that are unique to your new family- this should be based on the common interest of the entire family.

Some other problems that blended families face includes;
●Identity confusion
●Mixed feelings about the stepmom
●Territorial Infringement
●Scheduling challenges, etc.

Blended families have their own unique issues that they deal with, however these issues can be resolved with patience, lots of love and effective communication.

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