05 May

How to handle stress as a stepmom

Stepmoms are supermoms. The task they do is a very large task and in the process, they get stressed. Stress is a state of emotional or physical tiredness that happens when a person has gone through a demanding circumstance- it could be having to clean the house, taking care of the kids, going to work regularly, etc.
However there’s more than one way to deal with stress depending on how much it has gotten to you. Below are tips for you.

1. Prioritize yourself
The first step to de-stressing is to put yourself first. If you don’t treat yourself with care and importance, then no one else will.
Take it easy on yourself, engage in activities you enjoy, be with people that make you happy and make you yourself. Don’t let in negativity

2. Don’t compare yourself to the ex
You both are two different people with different abilities and weaknesses. She is not a better mom than you, and you are not a better mom than her. Both of you and yourself. If your step kids love food from their mom, then good, let them go to her. If your Sunday snacks are the best, then make it for them.
You don’t have to go through measures to do things like the other mom. Don’t forget, your partner chose you for a reason.

3. Your feelings are valid
There are times when you feel unseen. Times you get fed up with the ex? Jealous of the kids?
All these feelings are normal and you are not the only one that feels that way. So don’t get worked up, you are normal. Dump that self-guilt.

4. Keep a journal
Writing your thoughts, fears, insecurities, dreams, joys, and anything else will help you take your mind off the stress. It doesn’t have to be all about step parenting, you can also focus on other things in your life that make you feel free, creative and successful. You don’t have to narrow down your life to being a stepmother alone

5. Join a community
There are online support groups for stepmothers, blended families, stressed moms, etc.
You can join our community and get to meet with a stepfamily coach who is always ready to listen and teach you further ways to handle your home.

Dealing with stress can require self-improvement skills. Always remind/ affirm yourself as a competent adult doing the best to keep her family together.

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