16 Apr

Uncomfortable thoughts stepmoms are afraid to say out loud

Most times, people have a lot to say in their mind. It could be something hurting them or how they feel generally, but they will prefer to keep it to themselves. In a blended home, there are certain pressures, double standards and unnatural relationships that might make things complicated.
Here are some common uncomfortable thoughts that stepmoms keep to themselves.

1. I don’t love my stepchild like my own
This! A lot of stepmoms are afraid to admit to this but it’s a common one. Well there’s a saying that “blood is thicker than water”, you can’t have the same amount of love for your stepchild when you have your own biological child. No matter how you try to balance it, it won’t turn out equal.

2. I’m different when my stepchild is here
When your stepchild comes around, you might be automatically tensed up. You want to be on good terms with them so you will keep walking around on eggshells trying to please them. You won’t be yourself

3. I’m sometimes relieved when my stepchild goes to the other home
“Finally” that’s the voice in your head when they wave goodbye from the car. You are relieved.
You no longer have to walk on eggshells in your own home and now you have your spouse to yourself. You can be yourself, unlike when they were around(see No.2)

4. I get jealous of my stepchild and the attention my partner gives them
Now your stepchild is back and your spouse is all over them barely even glancing at you.
It’s normal to get jealous in this situation but the best you can do is to let your partners know how you feel instead of keeping it to yourself.

Having all these thoughts roam in your head can leave you with a feeling of self-guilt. That’s even worse than keeping the feelings to yourself.
You can let your partner know this and guide them on how to make you feel better.

At owning my greatness, we will teach and guide you on how to have a better relationship with your stepchild and also how to cope with pressure and uncomfortable thoughts.

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