07 Apr

Three(3) things I’d go back and tell my younger stepmom self

We all have cases where we wished to have done things differently at an earlier stage in our lives. It could be your past relationships, friendships or even your education. Here, this article will be taking us through three things a stepmom, Adeola wished to have done differently as a younger stepmom. You can apply this and have an effective stepmom journey.

1.It’s okay to make mistakes
Sometimes , we will make mistakes but that’s okay as long as we learn from it and move on to do better. Failure isn’t an enemy, it’s in fact a friend because when you fail, you will identify where you made mistakes and therefore do the right things going forward.

2. Not everyone will like you and that’s fine
It isn’t right to say you will not have enemies but understand that not everyone will like you. In the Bible, Jesus came to save us and he was still killed by the same people he came to save. If that could happen to Jesus, why do you think everyone will like you? If you think that way, then you must be delusional.
What you should be worried about is liking yourself. Do you like yourself? If yes, then you are on the right track but if the answer is “no”, then you have a lot of inner work to do on yourself.

3. Your happiness is in your hands and your sole responsibility
Nobody is responsible for your happiness darling, that’s your absolute responsibility. If you leave it to anyone else, it means that you give them the power to also make you sad, depressed, angry etc at their will. Do not give anyone that power to make you into whatever they want, take control of yourself.

Dear stepmom, own your happiness and joy and guard it jealously.

Being a stepmom isn’t a sprint, it’s a journey and you have to take it one step at a time. Don’t beat yourself up when you make mistakes, instead own up to it and do better. Take your growth into your own hands and study, read books, listen to podcasts, visit blogs, join a community to help you tread this journey in the right way. Join our community so we show you how to live your beautiful life of your dreams. You deserve it, let’s show you how.

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