24 Jan

Navigating the holidays as a blended family.

The holidays are a time of year that can be all about togetherness and family. Whether you’re celebrating with your nuclear family, extended family, or even a blended one, the holiday season can sometimes feel more stressful than celebratory. With so many people to please, it’s not always easy to manage everyone’s moods and personalities.

If you’re in a blended family this year, well, you’re in the right place as we’d be covering in this blog some great tips to help make this holiday season beautiful and just as fun for everyone.

Playing hostess to your in-laws is no easy task, but once you get through it with these tips and tricks, it’ll be that much easier subsequently.

Tips for Navigating the Holidays as a Blended Family.

When hosting the holiday dinner, it’s important to put in the work. This will help make the holidays more enjoyable for everyone involved. You want to give your guests the best experience possible, and this means having everything planned out and ready to go. So before you invite your friends and family over for your first meal, think about what you’re going to serve. Think about how many people you’ll be feeding. Make sure that you do not start a dish too close to when dinner is served or else it will get cold!

While you’re making all of these preparations, don’t forget about your own needs as well. Prepare yourself so that you can keep up with serving food and drink all night long!

Preparing Your Kids for the Holiday Season

Some of these tips may seem like common sense, but believe me, they’re not.
The holidays are a time of togetherness, but when you have children from multiple families in your home, it can also be a time of stress. It is very important to prepare your kids minds about what is to be expected, and most especially how they can play their parts to make things easier in the home. You can explain the dynamics to tell and help them identify important members of the family.

What to Expect of the Holidays When You’re a Blended Family

First, don’t be discouraged if your in-laws are a little put off by the blended family situation. They may be feeling out of control and anxious to see their kids. The holidays can be a great time for them to get to know the other parents and learn how to work together as a team. Be patient with your in-laws!
Second, it’s important that you don’t overstep your boundaries when it comes to household responsibilities. Let them do their share of cooking and cleaning so that you can focus on spending time with your family without worrying about the housework.

Third, don’t forget about the kids! They’re going to need lots of love from you during this holiday season; make sure they’re attending each holiday party and having fun. Also, try not to overwhelm them with too many new activities or traditions during this time—they’re still adjusting to life with two families in one home.

The Challenges of Being a Blended Family at the Holidays

First, you have to create a family-wide holiday list. Include things like food, entertainment, and kids’ activities that will make the holidays special for everyone involved. This is important because parents should always know what their children are expecting when they’re preparing their own lists.

Next, try to plan your own schedule around your guests so that you’re able to spend time with your family. Make sure there’s enough time for everyone at each party because it’s easy for some of your extended family members to be left out – not everyone wants to play with the kids or attend each meal!

Finally, keep in mind that it can be difficult for children to understand why their relatives aren’t spending as much time together as they used to. When this happens, keep an open dialogue with your children that includes all sides of the story: who didn’t want to come, who was busy doing something else, and why you chose not to spend as much time with them as usual.


The holidays can be difficult for everyone in a blended family, but there are ways to make them easier. By offering support to your partner, preparing your kids for the holidays, and navigating other challenges that may come up while still giving priority to your needs, you’ll ensure that your family has a happy holiday season. I hope with these little tips you are able to navigate your blended home seamlessly. I wish you a happy holiday season in advance!

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