15 Sep

How to recognize a suicidal person

Suicide, suicidal people. We feel sorry when we hear someone has taken his/her life, sometimes we’re angry at them, because we expected them to be stronger, to have fought for their lives a little more.  We reason out that, things could not have been that bad, that they should have reached out for help. However, before anyone gets to that final point of despair and takes the plunge, there are usually so many warnings signs that such people express that are many times overlooked by well meaning family and friends. Truth be told, many suicidal people know very well how to hide the emotional pain or despair they feel or are going through until it’s too late, or almost too late. People who have been attempted suicide in the past are sometimes at high risk of another trial, those who have a history of suicide attempts in their family, those who have gone through emotional or sexual abuse, or that have been susceptible to depression, anxiety or extreme feelings of sadness are also At a risk of having suicidal thoughts if they do not consciously heal and grow out of their pain and hurt. The waves of sadness  can usually be very overwhelming for people who have gone through Years and years or hurt without help or counseling.


There are many expressed and un-expressed suicide warning signs. However, No matter how subtle a person is, he/she will still express  some of  these warnings signs. They include but are not limited to severe sadness or moodiness, hopelessness, sleep problems, sudden calmness, withdrawal, changes in personality or appearance, dangerous or self harmful behavior, making preparations towards the end by giving out their valuables or seemingly putting their affairs in order as though they were planning to go on a trip or a long journey, or verbal threats about suicide. A recent life trauma could also drive a person to an edge, it is why people need physical and emotional support when they have gone through some life altering crisis.  We were created to be sources of comfort for one another, and we should ensure that we extend a hand of help, comfort, care and attention whenever we can. In the real sense of it, we all go through different phases of life and the way the world is wired right now, a lot of people are struggling to be there for themselves, it can get quite overwhelming, but when we help others, we indirectly help and comfort our own selves.


If you suspect someone around you is suicidal, talk to them ,about it, especially when you notice some or the afore mentioned warning signs. Mentioning suicide or discussing it is not going to push anyone over the edge and make them take action. Oftentimes, it only shows that they are truly cared for and someone noticed the changes in their behavior and cared enough to ask. A large percentage of suicidal people want to be seen ,they want help, they usually do not just know how to reach out for it, with the biggest reason being wanting to feel or be seen as a burden. Most suicidal people fear becoming a burden, so they would rather hide their pain ,fear or decisions to take their lives than talk about it. In cases like this, talk  to the person privately, listen without judgment, and be compassionate. Ask them directly if they are considering suicide. You could also suggest they get professional help, and offer them options to make it an easier step for them to take. Provide a national suicide hotline or find out who they might feel most comfortable talking to, such as a trusted doctor or a religious counselor. Enlist the help of other loved ones if you are struggling to through to someone who seems suicidal.


Life in itself is beautiful and worth living. Life is precious and even though there are certain events that happen that almost threaten the very core of our beings, we most never forget that the pain will pass, the feeling of sadness will leave. When it all seems dark and bleak, we can always remember that morning always comes no matter how dark the night is. There is so much to live for,and we must consciously remind ourselves and others as often⁸ as we can. Each and every one of us, Is special and unique and irrespective of the many lies of the enemy through people or via difficult circumstances, we must always do our very best to rise above it all. Suicide is and would never be a good way out of pain, getting help from the right persons and a conscious decision to stay alive is all that will ever help. To surround one’s self with the right companions is the healthiest way to live, grow and thrive.


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