08 Sep


As we evolve and grow, we come to understand that nothing worthwhile comes easy, nothing about life is all rosy and daisy.  With that realization comes the need for strength, courage and a firm resolve to do the best we can to live the kind of lives we were destined to live and express. Grace is not just undeserved favour or help, Grace is God’s outstretched hand towards us in terms of strength, opportunities and resources.  Grace is God’s love expressed in a billion ways, for it was by grace we were saved. The Grace extended to us through salvation is simply an extension of God’s love towards mankind. To put Grace is a certain box of definition would be to try to put God’s love is a box as though we know all there is about His love. God’s love is as indescribable and inexhaustible as His Grace is.


Grace is strength, grace is help. Help for one’s Journey, strength and help to live life in each phase without burning out. Life as we all know is in different phases and in each phase, there are periods of years or months of great pressing on and growth. It is God’s help when we recognise it that causes us to triumph. It is His help that takes us from point A to point B in our individual endeavors and desires. To not recognize and receive God’s help is to struggle through life thinking we can do it all on our own. It is to think we are by ourselves sufficient enough to be as amazing and extraordinary as we desire to be. If we look through history, we will discover that the men and women who did the most extraordinary feats are the ones who acknowledged the grace and help of God. Men who fought for freedom, who never gave up on all their hearts were set on. To never give up or throw in the towel is to receive help each time the chips seem down, it is to make firm decisions about One’s journey in life.


I  found such Grace when I in trying to balance all the many intricacies that comes with living in a blended family, i hit rock bottom and I was faced with only two choices – sink or swim! I chose to swim. I knew I needed help as I had a marriage to rebuild, children to love and a self to rediscover. I spoke to a friend of mine who happens to be a therapist. He invited me to join a meeting, which I did. It was the beginning of a long, tedious but worthy journey to recovery. It was a group of change-makers and thinkers whose purpose and vision was beyond any one individual. I started to change my focus. I met with one of the leaders of the tribe once a day for six months. I talked about everything. My fears, my struggles, my children, my family, the loss of my sister, and the loss of my sense of self. And slowly, I began to gain my power back. Long story short, God’s Grace found me.


When we think Grace, we may at times assume we won’t have to do any work and a healthy home, a fruitful marriage, great jobs or amazing children will all fall into laps. This is so not true. Grace does not excuse our part, our contribution, he only enables us to do the seeming impossible, it helps us find the inner strength to go for all that we long for. When we pray or ask for God’s grace, we are simply asking for His help and His strength. Sometimes, the answer comes in form of a connection with someone who can help or encouraging words from people who probably have no idea what you’re going through. In my journey of recovery, i stumbled upon a video of Lisa Nichols and Tom Bilyeu that just blew my mind. I started watching more videos of Lisa on YouTube and I knew I had to reach out to her somehow and be part of her circle. When I heard she was starting a course, “The Extraordinary You”, I didn’t even think about the expense. I lunged for it. I knew I had found my way out. One of the most powerful things she said was, “extraordinary people are people who put extra in their ordinary; so, get up, do it scared but keep moving; take action and stay in action for it’s the antidote to success.” I knew my My morning had finally started! I remember every painstaking step I have taken in the last two years. I remember every dollar I have spent. I remember the countless hours in front of my screen, on my phone, listening to message after message, constantly reminding me of who I am and whose I am. I remember getting lost in meditation and speaking words of affirmation. I remember the exercises I was instructed to do, painful but rewarding. I remember every wish fulfilled and I am grateful. Grace is not the absence of work, it’s the extra breath of God that helps the work come alive. Today, trust that God’s grace will speak peace and calmness, strength and resolve into your life and journey.  Today, Embrace the Grace of God.

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