As a result of what I do as Life-Giver and King maker at Owning My Greatness, Stepmothers are able to find true inner peace, inner joy, feel appreciated, supported and loved again. I am looking for Stepmothers who desire to re-discover their greatness and own it without any apologies.
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About me

My name is Adeola; in my language, it means Crown of Wealth. Beautiful name, isn’t it? My father gave me that name and where I come from, a name is something you live. You become it; it becomes you. It took me a whole of 38 years to really understand the importance of my name and now that I do, I wake up to this reality every single day.
I have been through my fair share of trials and challenges and sometimes, I didn’t think I could get through them. So, when I tell you that now, I AM royalty, I AM phenomenal and full of faith in God, it isn’t to be boastful, it’s because I believe it to be true…

“I am an example on earth that God exists. I am AIR, I give you a reason to live, love and breathe again. I am LIGHT, I bring clarity and understanding and I am UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, I love you in spite of who you are.”


– Adeola Kingsley-James

We are in the business of performing miracles.

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